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What is pack mentality?

Our mission is to impart a new mentality in what a hockey player can gain from camps, clinics, and private lessons. We seek not to just develop great hockey players, but also to develop a mental fortitude in our athletes that will serve them far beyond the game of hockey. By implementing strategies we have learned throughout the course of our careers as both educators and hockey players, we have created a blueprint that will maximize each player's development by being cognizant of their specific skill sets, personalities, and learning styles. Welcome to our Pack.


Pack Mentality summer camp 2024 has only one problem. Your kids won't be able to do it every week. This camp will run from 7am-2pm. Players will arrive at the rink and get dressed for their first on ice session which will be 90 minutes. Directly after that they will do an off ice work-out that is age specific and will finish around 9:30-9:45. Kids will then have a break for breakfast, they are welcome to bring their own, but we will buy them breakfast which is included in the cost. From there we will have a minimum of an hour of another sport such as; football, basketball, kickball, pickleball, volleyball..etc. After that we will have lunch, we ask that kids bring something small, of course if they do not have food we will make sure they get something. This should take us to about noon, we will then go and do an activity; pool, bowling, top golf, mini golf, main event, and if weather does not permit some of those, we are making sure to have a second ice slot secured. Some of these will be number dependent, and there will be permission slips that need to be signed to participate in this camp. If you did not have a chance to do it last year and have questions, please reach out to me. You can also ask any of the parents of kids who did it last year, it was a blast. 

Early bird registration price: $200

Regular price $250

Early bird prices end memorial day

Dates for age specific summer camp groups:

U12: June 10th & 11th, June 24th & 25th, July 11th &12th, July 25th & 26th

U14: June 13th & 14th, June 27th & 28th, July 15th & 16th

Girls: June 17th & 18th, July 1st & 2nd, July 18th & 19th

U15/U16: June 20th & 21st, July 8th & 9th, July 22nd & 23rd


Clinics for Spring of 2024(April-May) 

Bantam U14/Midget U16: Wednesdays 4-5pm $30 per clinic 

Squirt U10/Peewee U12: Mondays 4-5 $30 per clinic 

Goalie: Thursdays starting April 4th 6-7pm $40 

Hockey Classes

Power Edge: Coach Keagan and Coach Amber are back running this very popular class from last spring. This class is all about improving your child's skating. It runs in a 3 step process. Step 1 focusing on the control of their edges, Step 2 focusing on the power they can generate from their edges and then step 3 is gaining acceleration and speed from understanding their edges better. 

This class will run on Mondays from 5:00-5:45 starting April 1st and ending May 20th. The class will cost $240 for the 8 sessions. 

Private Lessons

Pack Mentality private lessons are sticking around for the spring season. Please follow the link for registration or check out the private lesson tab/calendar to see when coaches have availability.